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Crimson Yard Candles

Canadian made in Ontario! Well known for carefully hand-pouring 100% soy wax into reusable, vintage-style cans to create quintessentially Canadian, eco-conscious candles that, when lit, emit the soothing sounds of a gently crackling wooden wick harvested from an ethical farm.

All of Crimson Yard Candle wax is carefully crafted to be kind to your health, and gentle on our planet. Our candles are free of parabens, additives + dyes – and are devoid of anything that could hurt your health, or our planet. Even the dust covers are flower seeds!

“Our mission is to design a unique candle made with minimal ingredients from sustainable resources, infused with a vintage Canadian vibe. Our mandate is to focus on ethical, transparent practices, while nurturing partnerships for a healthier environment.” – Terry Marsh & Theresa McFadyen, Muskoka, Ontario

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